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Fortitude: Chapter 51
Xxx 51 xxX
I watched him from the shadows of the Temple of Time, admiring his strong, composed stance. Night had fallen, and the gentle torchlight illuminated his figure, softening the starch white of his clothing. His loose, plain tunic lacked any kind of decorative stitching, and a white sash had replaced the usual belt. Such humble attire had been specially made for this very occasion, when Link faced the judgment of the Three Golden Goddesses themselves.
This was his Rite of Kingship, the first and most important step toward coronation.
He had formed a mental barrier to help him focus completely on the ceremony, so while I could not sense his thoughts, and though he showed no outward sign of it, I knew he was nervous—very nervous. Months of battling his inner darkness had wounded Link's confidence and left him questioning his worth. Even despite the Council's unanimous decision to conduct the Rite of Kingship, Link had found little sleep the previous
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Fortitude: Chapter 50
Xxx 50 xxX
I stood on my balcony, cradling a mug of hot tea as I savored the calm, fresh autumn morning. The stormy weather that plagued Hyrule during Ashton's tyranny had slowly begun to disperse. Patches of a perfect blue sky peeked through the clouds, and the earthy smell of crushed leaves filled the air. Even the birds seemed to sing a more joyful tune. Before Ashton forced his way back into my life, I had taken these everyday hints of beauty for granted. That morning I took the time to appreciate them, viewing them as hopeful signs that life would return to the way it had been, the way it was meant to be.
I had risen a few hours ago, finding myself tired yet unable to sleep. I had rested my eyes a while, listening to Link's slow, steady breaths, but sleep continued to elude me. Soon the added hunger forced me out of bed, and I threw on my robe to find an attendant and request a breakfast tray. Impa had delivered it herself, much to my delight, and the two of us had shared a
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Fortitude: Chapter XLIX
Chapter XLIX
I relinquished my hold on Link, stepping back while the Sages gathered around to express their joy at his recovery—and our victory. Nabooru snatched him first, kissing him square on the mouth and embracing him with a laugh. Ruto grabbed his face and kissed each cheek before Darunia lifted him off the ground in a crushing Goron hug. By the time Impa rescued him for a gentler embrace, Nabooru had remembered one other living soul still watched us from the shadows.
"What should we do with this scum?"
We turned to see Ashton stumble forward, hissing when Nabooru forced him to his knees. She snatched a fistful of his hair, keeping him still with a scimitar held to his throat. He did not bother to struggle but cradled his blackened, maimed hand, which clearly caused him great pain. He looked so pathetic I might have pitied him, but any sympathy I once held for him had long been spent.
"Bind his hands," I growled.
"Use my cloak," Link adde
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Fortitude: Chapter XLVIII
Chapter XLVIII
My anguished scream tore through the chamber, echoed by Ashton's cries of pain.
"LINK!" I struggled wildly against Nassir, forgetting his previous threats as my terror consumed me.
Then the dark portal orb suddenly pulsed with light, and three more figures appeared in the room—Impa, Darunia, and Nabooru.
"Help him!" I cried. Impa had already vanished, but Nabooru and Darunia rushed to Link's side. Before Nassir could interfere, I whipped the knife from my wrist and stabbed him in the side. I knew it wouldn't kill him, and how it harmed Link hardly mattered anymore.
He gave a startled cry and loosened his grip on my neck, allowing me to break away and rush toward Link. Nabooru and Darunia had tentatively taken his arms, supporting him. They looked up as I ran toward them, clearly unsure how to help him.
"Zel—da—" Link struggled to speak between short, shallow gasps as I dropped down beside him.
"Shh," I soothed,
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Fortitude: Chapter XLVII
Chapter XLVII
I woke to silence and darkness, too disoriented to recall how I had gotten there. Slowly I sat up, groaning as my head gave a painful throb. Every move brought a wave of nausea, and I clutched my stomach as I fought the urge to retch.
As my mind began to clear, my thoughts quickly turned to my son. I forgot my discomfort and tried to calm myself, seeking his little presence within me. Immediately I sensed his distress, an echo of my own.
It's all right, I soothed, relieved to feel his anxiety fade. I'll keep you safe...
"…Sleep well, dearest?"
My eyes flew open to find Ashton sitting just a few steps away, vaguely illuminated in the weak violet light. He observed me with a cold expression, and hurriedly I backed away, my hand still pressed to my abdomen.
"What is this place?" I snapped, hearing the quiver in my voice.
He grinned, pleased to see me unsettled.
"Not very cozy, is it? I do hope the lighting improves, at least. I want
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United States
Wow, my last journal was posted over a year ago. Truly sad. What's even worse is I have nothing interesting to report since that day. And I suddenly feel a need to explain why that is. 

Before I go on, I do want to acknowledge that I have a good life. I am blessed with a nice home, loving parents, a college degree, a stable job, and good health. That's more than countless people can say, and I try to remember that. But for years I've struggled with hopelessness about my future, as well as lack of self confidence, and it distorts everything about my life.

To give some background info, I work in the publicity department of a small privately owned publishing company. While I am fond of the company itself and have no desire to leave it, I'm really starting to hate my job. I do not enjoy working in publicity, and I've always hoped to be working in editorial by now. But the company is so small I'm not sure that door will ever open for me here. I have a great boss -- very friendly and laid back -- but she micro-manages to an aggravating level. This prevents me from gaining any real value as an experienced office worker, and it's stifling me as an individual. I have other issues with the position, but I won't go into that (it's not a typical publicity position). Basically, I spend every workday from 8-5 (with an unpaid lunch hour) in my office, bored and depressed, struggling to stay focused. I'm stuck in a dead-end job, and I feel like life is passing me by. 

I have tried to break away. I seriously considered going back to school, but I'm driven away by the thought of more homework and loads of additional debt that could easily amount to nothing. I've job searched, but I can't find anything in my home state that's better than the job I have now (as far as overall pay, benefits, environment, etc.). I'm sure I could find a better job beyond my state borders, but I can't bear the thought of living so far from my parents. 

In addition to my vocational struggle, I have no social life whatsoever. It's hard to meet people when you work 8-5 every weekday, and I am not the type of person to go out and mingle with strangers. I have always been an introvert, meaning I get my energy from within myself and my passions, such as writing, art, and gaming. Socializing with people I don't know can be exhausting for me, and it's not how I want to spend my evenings. Sometimes, however, I have so little energy by the end of the day that I can't bring myself to do anything more productive than watch TV or browse the web and listen to music.

I should mention that I don't own my own place. I currently live with my parents, simply because I've chosen to stay with them until my debt is paid off. I could afford to move out, but why bother when I love my parents and my situation at home is way better than any apartment I'd rent? I will be debt free next year, however, so I'll probably move out in the next year or two. 

I'm not sure why I'm sharing all of this. Maybe to explain why I seem like such a slacker. I have always loved sharing my art and writing with people online, but in some ways I'm living a double life. My internet self does not overlap with my real life self. None of my friends (few as they are by now) or family know I've spent years working on a massive fanfiction, for example. So when my "real" life is so in need of improvement, my internet life also falls apart, and my productivity all but stops. Most of the time I'm just too depressed to bother with it. Sometimes people (in the "real world") ask about my art and writing, and I have nothing to tell or show because it's all so tightly wound into my internet life. I wish I had more of a balance there, but I'm not sure how to achieve that. I'm never inspired to do original art -- I barely find the motivation to do fan art. 

My art and writing also frustrate me. I'm not a good enough artist to go professional (nor do I have the energy to keep up with such an unpredictable lifestyle), and I can't think of anything original to write and submit for publication. This prevents me from taking any real pride in the work I do publish here online. I absolutely appreciate the incredible support I get online, and I love that people enjoy my work. That makes me very happy. But once I sign off and step back into the real world, those accomplishments do not come with me. 

I realize this is all partly my own fault -- I have my sheer lack of motivation to blame, not to mention my lack of confidence. But I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I studied English in college because it seemed like the natural path for me, but now I regret not looking in to degrees with better job markets. I'm considering a possible career change, but I have no idea where to turn. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Anyway, I suppose that's my tale of woe. I hope I didn't sound whiny, or come across like I'm looking for sympathy. I just wanted to explain myself. I wish I could add something like, "Things are going to be different now!" but my history says otherwise. *sigh* All I can promise is that I plan to catch up on replying to comments, and I would love to reopen commissions. Not sure when that will be, but hopefully soon.

Thanks for trudging through my ramblings. :heart:


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